A Simple Twist on Location Sharing



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No  More Maps

Built for Privacy

Powerful Features

See how Bekon Compass, Travel Times, Speed, and Notifications can simplify the process of meeting your contacts

In addition to not showing exact locations on a map, Bekon also deletes all location data when you're done.

Maps are a common privacy concern but they also get in the way of the info you really need when meeting.

It's not where you are

that matters when meeting

Just how far away



Get On With Your Life

Bekon Distance Alerts Keep You Informed

A true productivity app shouldn't require constant attention

When You Get Close

Bekon Compass points the way




*Available with Bekon Plus

Never get lost in the crowd again.  Compass is just one of the several powerful features that Bekon has to offer.  Once you and your contact are within 1/2 mile, the compass arrow activates to navigate you together.  Only during approved sessions

Bekon is an answer to the question you likely hear every day. "How far away are you?"


We designed Bekon to address the common privacy and complexity concerns that people have with location sharing.   Now you can keep your contact informed without revealing your actual location.   With just three taps of your finger, you can send a request to initiate a Bekon session with contacts using your existing address book.


From the beginning, we were motivated to find a solution that would aid in the fight against texting & driving.  While many people claim to restrain from texting behind the wheel, they often make exceptions when responding to people they are headed to meet.  Instead of restricting someone from using their phone we decided to create something that preemptively answers the questions they often receive while driving.


A Better Way to Say,

"I'm on my way"




We went to great lengths to imagine the most comfortable platform for location sharing.


Bekon breaks the mold of traditional location sharing by removing maps from the equation.  Maps show exact locations and require constant tracking.  They also require the user to analyze them to determine what information is important.   Bekon does this for you.


No information is ever displayed to your contact without your permission.  All sessions require approval of Bekon Requests before they begin and expire after 60 minutes.


One of our biggest initiatives for maintaining user privacy is how we handle user data.  No location data is ever stored.   Your whereabouts will never be tracked, analyzed, or sold for marketing purposes.

Built for Privacy

Where you go is your business, not ours.




Get more from Bekon

with Plus+ features


As mentioned above, we made the choice not to profit from collecting our user's location data.  Instead we created a set of enhanced features designed for those that want to get the most from Bekon service.


Bekon Plus+ Includes:


The Bekon Compass that points you toward your contact when you are within 1/2 mile.


Travel Times that give you an idea of when your contact will arrive based on actual routes with traffic data.  You can also see their speed to know when they are on the move.


Bekon Plus+ also removes all ads from the app.  Ads were a necessity in order to preserve privacy by deleting data.


To upgrade to Bekon Plus+, simply navigate to the settings panel inside the app and activate through in-app purchase.


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